Jes Extender Can Help with the Treatment of Chordee

Treatment of Chordee with Jes Extender

Chordee is also a condition of penile curvature, which occurs at the head of the penis, where the head of the penis bends up or down, and it is most evident during an erection.

The cause of chordee is not 100% known, and could down to congenital abnormalities, or some men will notice the deformity when they become sexually mature. Unlike Peyronie’s disease, there is usually no pain but may cause some discomfort during sex.

The most common treatment is surgery, which comes with the risk of penis shrinkage after the operation. Therefore it is often recommended that a penile traction device such as the Jes Extender be used for post-surgical recovery, and as an assistant device to ensure the straighter result.

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