Surgical Procedures

Penile Enlargement Surgery

dildo with Jes-Extender on the medical procedures page about penile enlargement surgery

Surgery for penis enlargement is called phalloplasty. Whilst it is a method for permanent penis enlargement, it can be high risk and in fact can often produce disappointing results. A study published by the European Urology Journal in 2006 reported that out of 42 patients that had undergone penis enlargement surgery, the average gained length was only half an inch, and in fact 5% of men ultimately ended up around half an inch shorter. Not what you want when you’ve paid a lot of money and put your package at risk!

It is also not agreed amongst medical professionals that surgical techniques for penis enlargement actually work. Some men who have undergone surgery report a slight increase in flaccid length, but that the surgery made little to no difference in erect size. Where’s the fun in that?

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