Penis Enlargement Methods

Penis Enlargement Methods - Why the Jes Extender is the Original and BEST Method on the Market

There are so many options for penis enlargement on the market, such as pills, vitamins, supplements, creams, pumps and vacuum devices, and the most drastic - surgery - we can appreciate it may be difficult to choose what’s right for you. You might be wondering what the longest lasting method is, what’s going to give you permanent results? What’s the safest method?This is the Jes-Extender delivered in a wooden finish for the best experience

The Jes Extender method, which takes advantage of the naturally occurring body phenomenon ‘cytokinesis’, uses the penis traction method of penis extension. According to the British Journal of Urology, in a paper published in April 2011, “Penile extenders represent the only evidence-based technique of penis obligation.”

We have over 20 years experience in producing penis extenders - the Jes Extender is not going to disappoint. The method can be done discreetly at home, nobody needs to know about your quest for self-improvement. The Jes Extender is Danish designed and uses only the finest quality materials.

The below text is a brief overview on penis traction and the other methods of penis extension available. We’re sure you’ll agree that penis traction is the safest, most natural and long-lasting method.

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Penis Traction 
The Jes Extender uses the penis traction method, which is the most natural way to increase penis size and works by applying a steady stretch to the shaft of the penis over time. The stretch causes the tissue cells to divide and multiply - a process called ‘cytokinesis’ - for an increase in both length and girth that lasts. Yes - the effects of the Jes Extender are PERMANENT!

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Vacuum Devices and Penile Pumps

Vacuum devices or penile pumps are actually better for treating erectile dysfunction, and not for increasing penis size. Studies have shown the long-term effects of repeatedly using a vacuum device or penile pump actually gives no increase in size after six months of using it.

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Pills and Creams

Some pills and creams aimed at men wanting to increase penis size are designed to increase blood pressure in the penis. They often just give a placebo effect and don’t give real results in length and girth. They may increase blood pressure but this has no effect on penis size.

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Surgical Procedures 
Surgery for penis enlargement is a very serious option. It comes with serious risk for complications and actually, there is a general lack of agreement amongst professionals that it actually works! Not to mention, it’s very expensive.

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