Penis Enlargement is Possible!

10 frequent questions answered

When you are thinking about how to increase your penis size, there is a whole catalog of questions that come to mind. The information that you find online is overwhelming and it is difficult to keep an overview of what is true or what is a scam. We have gathered the ten most frequently asked questions when it comes to the question “Is penis enlargement possible?”.

1. Can I grow my penis?

Yes. It is possible to increase your penis size.
The spam-section of your inbox proves it on a daily basis: there is an industry for penile-enlargement products, methods and devices. And it is huge. But is it actually possible to increase your penis size? The answer is clear – yes, you can grow your penis. If you want to increase your penis size, the question that matters is not really does penis enlargement work, but which method of penis enlargement does really work.

2. Does penis surgery work?

Yes, but be aware of the risks.
Undergoing a surgery in order to increase your penis size is a rather drastic step. It is a major intervention that bears a number of risks. The question if penis surgery does really work can be answered with a clear “it depends”. If no complications accrue during the surgery, the outcome may be an increased penis size – but it comes with a long and in some cases painful healing process. The risk of retraction – the gained size increase retreating back into the body is high and must be counteracted by wearing penis traction devices. Often surgeons advice against a penis enlargement surgery [link to proof and documentation] and suggest the use of penis extenders instead.

3. Does non-surgical penis enlargement work?


Yes, but make sure to choose the right method.
Clinical research and studies have shown that there is an alternative to risky methods such as surgery for penis enlargement. However, a big part of the industry has specialized on products that show no results, bear health risks or do not deliver permanent results. When you are looking into a non-surgical method to grow your penis, make sure that you have done your homework and know which non-invasive penis enlargement works.

4. Do penis pumps work? 

No. Penis pumps do not help increasing the actual size of your penis. When using a penis pump, blood is sucked into your penis via a vacuum pump that you fit over your penis. You then keep the blood trapped in your penis by applying a ring to the base of your penis. Penis pumps do only increase your penis size temporarily over a period of 20 to 30 minutes. Overusing them can lead to injuries of the penis. So the answer is no – penis pumps do not work for increasing your penis size permanently.

5. Do penis enlargement pills work?

No. There is a sheer overwhelming number of penis enlargement pills and herbs on the market. They promise incredible results for which there is no documented proof. Specialists agree that penis enlargement pills do not work. Even worse – their ingredients are often not tested properly. If you are searching for a real method to grow your penis, you better avoid penis enlargement pills.

6. Do penis enlargement creams work?

No. The human penis is an organ. It is not possible to increase the size of an organ by using creams. That is all there can be said about the matter.

7. Do penis enlargement exercises work? 

No, exercises have no proven effect.
The more accurate question here would be “does jelqing really work?”. Jelqing is a technique that pretty much resembles the motions used for the milking process. It has been depicted as an ancient Arabic technique and there can be found quite some anecdotes about the wonders of jelqing. However, there is no scientific or clinical proof or documentation for the effectiveness of jelqing.

8. Does natural penis enlargement work?

Yes. Natural penis enlargement would be defined as a penis enlargement procedure that does not involve any invasive techniques such as surgery. When it comes to the question if natural penis enlargement actually works, it is again important to keep an eye on the method. There is only one method that has been clinically proven to work – the natural method of penis traction.

9. Do penis extenders work? 

Yes, they do.
Penis extenders come in different shapes and under different names – you may recognize them as penis stretchers or penis enlargers. A penis extender applies traction to your penis and stretches it over a longer period of time – up to six hours per day. This method is also known as the method of penis traction. The constant stretch to which the penis is exposed causes natural cell division, which results in a longer and thicker penis. This method has been tested clinically by several instances and its results have been officially documented. So yes – penis extenders work. They are in fact the only method apart from surgery that result in real penis growth.


10. Is penis enlargement durable

Yes. Penis enlargement with a penis extender that applies the method of penis traction is durable. The method triggers a natural cell growth. Once your cells have grown and your penis size has increased, it will not shrink back. You will keep your extra length and girth forever.







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