Clinically proven to reduce penile curvature


Wendy Hurn, a urology specialist practitioner at Bristol Royal Infirmary conducted research into treating penile retraction caused by Peyronie’s Disease using the clinically proven penis traction method. The results showed that penis traction is a perfect alternative to surgery and can straighten curved penises caused by Peyronie’s disease, especially at the point of severe penile retraction.


The study was based on 22 men between 18-78 years old with Peyronie’s disease. The subjects were divided into two groups; one group of men with 12.5cm or less (stretched penis) and one group of men with over 12.5cm (stretched penis). All subjects wore a medically tested penis enlarger for an average of 5 hours daily for 3 months.


At the end of the treatment, Hurn recorded an average 0.8-2.3cm increase in penis length increases and 20% reduction of penile curvatures.